Village of Pouce Coupe Email Marketing offered by Every IT Solution

Village of Pouce Coupe Email Marketing company; EVERY IT SOLUTION is a well-known and creative email marketing company that showcases how email marketing does wonders for your business growth. What exactly is email marketing? A category under direct marketing that broadcast a commercial message to your clients, related to you, about your organization’s product or service through email. Now you might be wondering, why do you need email marketing for your business? Every business- small or big- needs to flourish, and nothing can work well than email marketing. This tried-tested-and-approved email service is perfect to connect with your current and future clientele to develop strong and secure relationships.

Client’s says:

“Email Marketing has contributed a lot in expanding my business. The feedback is quite impressive and much more effective than expected.”

So, now question arises, why choose Every IT Solution as your email marketing company in Village of Pouce Coupe? Here are few reasons:

  • Our matchless and outstanding talent, skills, knowledge and energy in the marketplace exposes you to the miracles of email marketing service.
  • We help you attain the maximum deliverability rates.
  • We ensure that your email marketing campaigns adhere to Canadian and US email privacy standards.
  • Before sending emails, we verify and fix any mailing code or content problems. This assures that your email blasts do not land in spam folders.
  • You can count on our experience to carry out email marketing campaigns with accuracy and persuasion.

Now, are you convinced to handover your email-marketing campaigns to Every IT Solutions? Read on…

Our team works to achieve the following profits from email marketing:

  • Create maximal awareness of your company’s brand, so that more and more people can reach you
  • Enhance sales of your company
  • Make your connections with your customers more powerful and strong

But how the aforementioned goals are achieved? For this, we follow the below process:

  • Planning– First and foremost, planning for email marketing campaign is done under which following considerations are kept in mind:

    • What are you sending? Is this email of any interest to your customers?
    • Why are you sending this email?
    • When is this email planned to be sent?
    • Who are your target audience to whom this email is to be sent?
    • Who is in charge for design and copy? Are the resources available to start and track the campaign? How is this email going to be tested prior to sending to customers?
    • After getting answers to these, we proceed to next level.

  • Managing Contact List– Contact list is built which is populated with your contacts; you wish to send this email to. This contact list is periodically updated and expanded.
  • Creating the email– The email is designed and composed keeping in mind to include email header, company logo, recipient’s name in the email body, graphics, and calls to action. A finishing touch is given to the email by adding subject of the email, and “from” name and address. Before sending, email is tested in regards to relevance, grammatical or spelling errors, message displayed is correct.

Leading technologies are used by Every IT Solution to gain maximum benefits from email marketing. Want to know what we use? Here are they:

  • MailChimp
  • ConstantContact

Want to jump on board and hire the best Email marketing company in Village of Pouce Coupe, Contact us today at 1-800-362-7251 or 647-961-5709