A static sales pitch toconsumers is no longer enough.We exist within an increasingly connected, social world. EVERY IT SOLUTION viral and social media marketing strategies can expand your brand’s reach and continuing to generate and convert leads demands ongoing, interactive engagement with the people who would be your customers.

Let EVERY IT SOLUTION take the reins and make your brand the centerpiece of your customers’ conversation. Our placement of your brand within such ubiquitous social platforms as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Google+ and others will put you in touch with the people who would buy your products. We’ll connect you with their needs, their impressions, and what they’re saying about your products and services. Most importantly, we’ll create a freeway of backlinks from your social accounts directly to your website.

Consider our viral marketing strategies a step up from even traditional social media, though.Viral marketing generates advertising that doesn’t present as advertising. More often, they’re games blending cryptic trails of breadcrumbs, augmented-reality applications, scavenger hunts, and other means of direct interaction that create an awareness of your brand without coming across as selling a product. You’re generating buzz and intrigue surrounding your brand that makes you recognizable, memorable, and suddenly fascinating.

Toronto’s EVERY IT SOLUTION holds the keys to marketing’s next generation of controlling the conversation. We’d like to place them in your hands. Call today at 1-(800)-362-7251 to strategize your social media campaign.