Business Development can be described as long-term activities, ideas or initiatives that aim at making business better. It involves creating value for customers, markets, and relationships for business in the long-term.

It includes a variety of activities, from exploring new opportunities in external markets to introducing efficient ways to carry out the internal business operations. Where do you start in developing an effective strategy?

Carry out extensive market research

Understand the industry that you are in, where you are geographically located and who are you targeting? When you decide on who the target audience, ask yourself what? When? Where? Which? Why? And How?

i. What do you want to sell to your target audience?

ii. when are you planning to approach them?

iii. Where are they located?

iv. Which personnel will you be aiming to approach?

v. Why would they want to have a meet with you?

vi. How are you going to reach them?

You can find ready-made reports on industry, market, country, etc. on the internet. Make Google your friend or any other search engine that you are comfortable using.

Listen to Your Clients

Consumers play an integral part in the growth and success of business. You need to keep in touch with your current clients. Assess the consumers’ opinion of your company and their needs. What are you doing right or what do you need to change?

Build close relationships with them through the use of email, phone call or even face to face meetings. Email your marketing materials to them and follow up.

Enhance Your Public Image

As much as you cannot control how people think about you, you can influence their thoughts about you. Your brand image should be consistent to the public eye. Participate actively in your business associations.

Position yourself in areas where you can interact with prospective clients. Be it, offering volunteer services to industry experts. It will help you gain visibility and be able to capture targets of high value.

Increase Your Market Exposure

Establish an online presence using the different social media platforms. By understanding your target audience then you will be able to tell which platform to use to reach out to them.

Publish curated content on your achievements, successes, projects, etc. Maximize on the use of Search Engine Optimization techniques. Conduct research online, on reputation management to determine the image of your business to the public.

You need to brainstorm and identify winning concepts for your business. An idea may be formed due to an existing situation, or it may be out of innovative thinking. You need to come up with a creative and achievable set of objectives, for success.

Adopting a mix and match set of ideas won’t be a disappointment. Believe in yourself and implement the ideal strategies to reach your goal.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a form of marketing strategy that uses the various social media platforms to achieve marketing, communication and branding goals. It can help elevate your audience and customer base by strategically positioning yourself as a thought leader in a given field.

Why Should You Adopt The Use of Social Media?

Recent years has seen an increase in the use of social media by both big and small businesses to market and expand their brands. It is so because:

  • Social media plays a significant role into the discovery of content that is new
  • Social connections within the mainstream search engine or social media network can impact the relevancy of some search results
  • It also helps builds links that support a business’ Search Engine Optimization efforts

Before you dive into using the social media as a marketing tool, you need to have a plan that aligns with your business goals. Only then will you be able to measure your Social Media Return On Investment (ROI). These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself, as a brand:

  • What is it that you hope to achieve using this form of marketing?
  • Who is the audience that you target and how do they use social media?
  • What message do you want to send using this strategy?

SMM Fundamentals

The use of Social Media Marketing is about strategizing. It isn’t just about creating any content any posting it online. By having a plan and set goals, you will be able to create successful social media campaigns.

The following tips will help you build a foundation that will serve, your customers, brand, and business. They include:

1. Create a Variety of Content

Adopt the use of visual content to act as a gateway to more valuable content. Before you settle on which visual content to use, ask yourself how that content will drive traffic back to your website, services or products.

Incorporate the visual content with backlinks to your site. Convert snippets of an existing article into an image. Use of images will you leverage the social media platforms that are successful in using imagery as a means of communication e.g. Pinterest, IG, FB, etc.

You can also incorporate your content with quality infographics or videos to complement the content.

2. Add Value to Your Conversations

If you happen to find valuable content from a source other than yours that may intrigue your target audience, don’t shy away from linking it to your content. People stop listening to you if all your content is all about you.

You can add value to your content by developing relationships with online influencers and creating curated content. Share and talk about the content of others, once in a while.

3. Deliver Content Consistently

You need to be consistent in publishing content. Keep your posts relevant to your target audience, entertaining and at the same time valuable. If you disappear for a while, followers tend to replace you in a jiffy.

Be available to your audience by engaging with them on social media, consistently. Each social media platform is unique, and you need to keep your image consistent across all platforms.

4. The Significance of Listening

The success of a social media marketing strategy relies on the art of listening. Get to know what is relevant to your target audience by going through their content online. Join in their conversations.

Keep track of your competitors. What SMM techniques are they using, that seems to be working? Apply the same method but do it better. Competitors can give you insight on social media marketing.

5. Measure Your Success using analytics

Tracking data helps you determine the success of the strategy that you have adopted. The results of the analysis will help you know which strategies are working for you and which aren’t.

You can also add tracking tags to your SMM campaigns for monitoring.

Use of Social Media Marketing plays a vital role in expanding your reach as a business and positioning you as a thought leader. Go ahead, use it and do it right.

Any savvy Toronto online marketing or IT consultant can explain exactly what goes into a well-constructed, results-driven search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

The most candid, learned ones will break down, in everyday language, exactly how an optimized website focused on engaging, quality content and targeted keyword relevance will bolster your brand’s online presence and strap a rocket to your revenue’s back.

Every IT Solution’s Toronto SEO experts prefer to extend your knowledge base just one step further: we want you to see and understand for yourself the signs that the SEO strategy that either you or your paid consulting paid team has formulated is driving your business forward. We believe that asking yourself these three questions and being blunt with the answers will tell you plenty that you need to know, and maybe even what you can do to further your headway going forward…

  • Where do I rank in searches, compared with where I want to rank?

Ultimately, maxing out your search-ranking potential will demonstrate fairly conclusively just how effectively you’ve planned and executed your SEO. If you’ve targeted the most beneficial, high-value keywords, then ranking at or near the head of the search results will begin driving a noticeable stream of traffic to your site.

If your site tops the keyword searches you’ve targeted but you haven’t experienced a rush of traffic and sales, then it’s entirely possible your SEO movement has centered on the wrong searches. Make the best of automated tools that can automatically track, break down and analyze your rankings. Don’t rely solely on algorithms alone, though. Your consulting team should be providing you with steady input and analysis of their own, complete with forward-thinking recommendations.

  • How many people are viewing my site?

Remember, definitively successful SEO yields a swell of organic search results and ensuing site visits. If prospective customers aren’t seeing your front page, then there’s a very good chance they aren’t looking at anything else on your site.

Make the best of Google analytics feedback. Sit down with your SEO consultants – or, if you’re not working with anyone as yet, contact Every IT Solution for a free consultation – and digest how many pages your site’s users view per visit, how long they linger on your domain, and the frequency of your bounce rates. Additionally, pursuing fresh keyword focuses may broaden your content and further extend your traffic. Be frank with yourself about your traffic, and proceed accordingly.

Your site may benefit from a revamp if Google Analytics regularly reports a high bounce rate paired with few average pages per visit and visit durations. The SEO strategy you’ve employed may not be providing much value per the keyword’s buck.

  • Is my SEO converting my visitors into paying customers?

Well, this is the name of the game, isn’t it? It’s the decisive bottom-line indicator of your SEO’s success or failure.

Proceed with your SEO crusade with concrete sales ambitions firmly cemented. Set lead and sale-tracking goals, then keep an eye toward how your business progresses toward them. Google Analytics can help you traffic this, in relation to your traffic sources. Even if visitors aren’t buying, downloads, social network sharing and other metrics can tell you plenty about your conversion progress.

We Want To Help…

We produce our greatest results among Toronto’s IT and online marketing field by working with well-informed clients, so contact an Every IT Solution representative today to speak to us, free of charge, about how we can be a part of your business’ growth. We want you to understand how our comprehensive, individualized SEO strategies can help your business expand its online presence and convert it into growing sales. Contact an Every IT Solution representative today to speak to us, free of charge, about how we can be a part of your business’ growth.

In Toronto’s IT and online marketing arena, content is king. Come back tomorrow for a chat with your area Every IT Solution professionals about apples keeping the doctor away.

Compared to what it really encompasses, referring to search engine optimization (“SEO”) by the widely accepted, albeit quite outdated definition is akin to referring to the game of baseball as “pitching”: it incorporates a significant aspect of a more complex concept, but it leaves many an important element out of the explanation. In truth, “SEO” is one aspect – though an overarching one, no doubt – of what’s more generally (but accurately) called simply “online marketing”.

SEO is the process of improving a website’s placement among search-engine results by employing emphasized keywords that enhance the site’s relevance to certain popular search topics. Though SEO incorporates and strives to influence the effectiveness of banner ads, paid link building, direct e-mail marketing and pay-per-click advertising, its real aim is to improve traffic to organic search results. That’s historically the most effective way in which companies get the attention of, communicate with, and eventually convert site visitors.


Recently, especially with the advent of Google’s vaunted Penguin algorithm update, the crux of SEO strategy has been centered almost solely on keyword-heavy articles that pandered to search-engine algorithms but ignored readability.

Google changed the game considerably. The world’s most used search engine – typically accounting for roughly half the overall website visits in the world on a steady basis – has shifted the focus to the quality and originality of content. The new game is to tailor the content you create not so much to keyword “SEO” as to an obvious overall relevance and usability.

Planning an online marketing strategy now demands a new depth of planning. Every IT Solution’s Toronto IT and online marketing professionals recognize three key starting points that will base your online marketing campaign’s foundation on steady ground from Square One…


Recognizing who will most likely purchase your product or service starts your online campaign off on a logical foot. Women age 35-50 will probably be shopping with a different set of priorities in mind than a male between the ages of 18 and 40 will apply.

With content relevance now more critical than stuffing an article with SEO-tailored keywords, this is important to creating content with the appropriate relevance and a tone that engages the target audience first and foremost above any other.

Make some rounds online. Take a genuine interest in who uses your product, and how. Take their feedback – for better and for worse – straight to heart. When online marketing gurus such as Every IT Solution’s consultants can clearly see the personas with whom you’ll be starting a conversation, it’s easier to understand how to approach them.


If your website doesn’t have an SEO-driven, relevant, targeted blog, it should.

Your blog won’t just be providing information about your products and services. It should make your site a recognized and trusted resource in your field. Fill it with useful, engaging information. Use it to start a conversation. The more your audience trusts your expertise, the more likely they are to trust your products.

Blog at a steady pace, though. Keep content coming at a predictable rate, typically 2-3 times per week over even just four times per month. Post your content – be it podcasts, videos, blogs, or anything else – on a set day at a set time weekly. It conditions your site visitors and customers to come back expecting something fresh to tantalize their interests.


Find ways to make it not only convenient but desirable for your audience to share your content across the various major social media channels, be it via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Reddit or any other forum.

Additionally, take comments on postings to heart, but with a grain of salt. True, the Internet is populated with heckling “trolls” who will seek only to cause havoc. However, they’re fairly easy to recognize compared with the genuine, sincere comments either praising or criticizing your product.

Don’t apply pressure to leave comments only fitting one opinion, though. If you’re to open yourself to dialogue with customers, it has to be with an availability to address both praises and gripes.

In the meantime, two more pieces of advice…

First off, don’t over-link to product pages within your site. A few links here and there can encourage click-through traffic and time spent at your site’s domain; include too minute, and it becomes an obvious, high-pressure sales pitch.

Also, have an IT and online marketing team optimize your site so that certain blogs link to particular relevant products. What your blog says may influence a buying decision one way or another.


There’s far more to online marketing than simply this. When you’re ready, trust Toronto-based IT and online marketing consultants backed up by experience, broad knowledge, and reputation. Contact Every IT Solution today, and we’ll gladly schedule a free consultation to examine what we can bring to your brand’s online marketing horizons.


Continually thriving sales, consistent lead generation and empirical data bear out the guiding principles of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on an ongoing basis throughout Toronto, across Ontario, and broadly amidst any market locally and globally where business is done online.

Still, it inevitably happens: a manager, owner or client doesn’t readily accept that honing online content to strategically selected search-engine queries will pay off on the bottom line in the long run.

It takes a gentle guiding touch sometimes, but the light of strategic, informed SEO can find any budget-holding decision-maker at any time. More often than not, it simply takes seeking first to understand before being understood. The IT and online marketing consultants of Every IT Solution come armed with the understanding that seeing your brand atop your relevant queries’ search rankings is just the first domino to fall in a positive chain reaction. Let’s untangle a few common objections and uncertainties…

1. SEO puts you where the people are

Stop me if you’re heard this one: “Search results don’t boost revenue or gather customers…”

To some extent, that’s an understandable conclusion: no, neither Google nor any other search engine will pay you for sitting atop the first page of results for your targeted keywords. On the other hand, Google is the single highest-traffic nexus in all of the Internet.

No, seriously. A recent study by surveyed 270 million site visits to glimpse which destinations online travelers sought out most frequently. Organic Google visits accounted for nearly half those visits. There’s a useful, prestigious reputation to be built on being the single most relevant resource recommended by the world’s most visited website. If nothing else, consider the sites that Google’s overall traffic share topped this past February before dismissing the visibility that’s possible through good SEO:

DIRECT – 18.2%
BING (ORGANIC) – 1.21%

That’s right. Even if you combined the Internet’s most prevalent social networks, added Google’s two most significant search-engine competitors and spotted them Google’s paltry referral traffic, it doesn’t come close to eclipsing Google’s organic visits.

Oh, and by the by? According to in 2012, SEO tied with direct traffic for the highest lead-to-customer close percentage (15%) of all possible marketing channels.

2. Even a small brand can dominate search rankings through good SEO

True, the biggest brands inherently enjoy an edge thanks to their notoriety and recognition.

That doesn’t mean that every avenue to massive search-engine presence is closed off to a smaller brand. A great deal of SEO greatness is achieved in zeroing in on which searches to pursue. If I run a hamburger stand, I can’t hope to eclipse the worldwide recognition and customer base that McDonald’s has accrued.

A sound SEO strategy with relevant, consistent content can still generate me enough renown to build substantial leads as the leading eatery of Mesa, AZ. When people reach out to Google for their search needs, they’re often seeking a locally available product or service. That often means utilizing a geographic modifier.

Chances are, they aren’t going online to look up a national or global brand. That reputation is well-ingrained. They’re seeking out localized options. That’s where SEO levels the playing field.

3. In the long run, the benefits of SEO far outstrip those of even paid search ads

Once more, the numbers don’t lie.

Searchers are apt to be a bit more … shall we say, “skeptical” of paid search ads. There’s immediate reward to be had from Google Ads, but think of those as the Chinese food of online marketing: fill up on that option, and you’ll find yourself hungry again shortly.

Search relevance – best had through smartly advised SEO – ultimately benefits the rates you’ll pay for Google Ads. Recent research indicates that organic searches generate 92% of clicks from search results. That’s because those are the results on which the engines themselves focus. Shun SEO and minimize the importance of relevance among natural search results at the risk of walking right past the most populated stream of potential customers.

4. “Too many new customers”? No such thing….

If someone is seeking your brand specifically, that person probably already has a motivation to purchase your goods or services.

While they’re important, why forsake growth? Marketing and advertising are centered on creating new customers more than retaining existing ones. Those are the ones you’ll need to convince. Look to increase your notoriety among untapped wellsprings of clientele.

5. Social Media vs. Search Rankings

I refer you once more to the traffic Google enjoys versus what Facebook, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and Twitter combined can muster.

Social media are key to generating the content that drives search rankings and a web of backlinks between social-networking hubs and your website. They’re also vital to distributing your relevant SEO content.

You probably still have questions. Every IT Solution’s online marketing consultants have the experience and understanding to hear you out and provide answers. Contact us today, and we’ll immediately provide you with a free consultation to make recommendations for your brand.

Don’t Forget Signature Marketing because it works.

Signature in your email are surely important part that a lot of businesses tend to forget. Our recommendation is that every one within the company should follow a similar concept by:

  • Placing a logo of your company
  • Followed by your email address given by the company
  • Place your company’s phone number and extension
  • If your company has given you a cell number make sure to add the cell phone
  • Lastly a disclaimer
  • Further (option) hyperlink the logo to your website + email should have a direct link to go to Mailto

Need an example See a similar one written by us:



Direct: 647-787-8451

Office: (800) 362-7251 EXT: 801

Please print this e-mail only if necessary (Go Green)

This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed. If you have received this email in error please notify the system manager. This message contains confidential information and is intended only for the individual named. If you are not the named addressee you should not disseminate, distribute or copy this e-mail. Please notify the sender immediately by e-mail if you have received this e-mail by mistake and delete this e-mail from your system. If you are not the intended recipient you are notified that disclosing, copying, distributing or taking any action in reliance on the contents of this information is strictly prohibited.

Sitting in the office for few minutes analyzing the network of my linked in, here is what I found:

  • The world overall is a one place
  • People in your connection knows someone you know
  • The social circle is your marketing life line, extend it to exceed
  • There is always something or the other you can learn from someone in the same industry as you, so don’t ignore the requests rather invite
  • If you haven’t added your family or friends to your LinkedIn account you are missing businesses/corporations and people in their connection
  • See the fruit in social media don’t find the disadvantages

Here at Every IT Solution, we meet on an average so many people who believe their websites are the best thing that ever existed then again do you find your self in one of these:

1. You are calling your programmer for every little change

This is a sign that you have made a static website that always needs a hand of a expert programmer for as little as a text or a font change. Make your site in CMS (content management System).

2. Your website still has not introduced any promotions, coupons or blogs update from the day you made it live

Typically when someone makes a website, they are proud that their company has a website. NOW WHAT? Having a website is simply a start. Start of building new audience, residing the previous clients by adding more content.

3. Your website has no Social icons on every page

Social media is given so much importance this year not only by the search engines but the networking groups and businesses. We can not begin to imagine the power of social media that can reach the world as one by spreading a word about yourself or your business “Virally”.

4. Your website has Flash Content

We have noted small businesses being proud of a graphical video or intro at the start of the website. In a long run this can only hurt the number of visitors you are inviting to your website. If you have a video that you want to show, go ahead and place it on YouTube and let the world be exposed to your product/services.

5. No call to action

Your website is not a warehouse or a data dumping place. Do not just blindly place content on all over the site. Have a call to action. What is it that you want client to do? Where do you want him/her to click? Draw attention on one action rather than several calls to action.

6. Design looks ancient

If you have the design of your website that looks ancient then you need to redesign your website as needed in today’s day and age. BE UNIQUE!

Consult with us about your Internet approach. Call us today!

Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. The different areas of web design include; web graphic design, interface design, user experience design and search engine friendly design. A perfect Web Design contains:

  • Spacing
  • Navigation
  • Design to Build
  • Typography
  • Clarity
  • Usability
  • Alignment
  • Consistency

Web Design involves creating an interface that people will access to purchase, sell or gather information about certain resources or products. Design will determine if the visitors will stay and use the website or will they navigate to another site that is more appealing to them. As a result, this can have a direct impact on the site revenue. The design should illustrate what the user wants to get. Design should be made according to the user’s requirements. By being simple, you make it easy for your visitors to locate what they need and this shows your respect and appreciation for your potential clients or visitors.

While a good look certainly plays a part in how your visitors will navigate on the site, it is the usability that will keep them coming. A professionally-designed site does not need to have a complicated design. A well-designed site that has working links will even add credibility to your website. For the success of the web design, designer has to think like a visitor while designing the website. So, our slogan, “KIS: Keep It Simple.” Want to have your own website? Call us at: 1-800-362-7251 or visit: