Is it Time to ReVamp your Website

Here at Every IT Solution, we meet on an average so many people who believe their websites are the best thing that ever existed then again do you find your self in one of these:

1. You are calling your programmer for every little change

This is a sign that you have made a static website that always needs a hand of a expert programmer for as little as a text or a font change. Make your site in CMS (content management System).

2. Your website still has not introduced any promotions, coupons or blogs update from the day you made it live

Typically when someone makes a website, they are proud that their company has a website. NOW WHAT? Having a website is simply a start. Start of building new audience, residing the previous clients by adding more content.

3. Your website has no Social icons on every page

Social media is given so much importance this year not only by the search engines but the networking groups and businesses. We can not begin to imagine the power of social media that can reach the world as one by spreading a word about yourself or your business “Virally”.

4. Your website has Flash Content

We have noted small businesses being proud of a graphical video or intro at the start of the website. In a long run this can only hurt the number of visitors you are inviting to your website. If you have a video that you want to show, go ahead and place it on YouTube and let the world be exposed to your product/services.

5. No call to action

Your website is not a warehouse or a data dumping place. Do not just blindly place content on all over the site. Have a call to action. What is it that you want client to do? Where do you want him/her to click? Draw attention on one action rather than several calls to action.

6. Design looks ancient

If you have the design of your website that looks ancient then you need to redesign your website as needed in today’s day and age. BE UNIQUE!

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